Teaching and projects with teenagers

Giving children and adolescents an opportunity to participate in inventing and shaping music is something of special importance to Markus Bongartz. Dedicated youth work not only provides New Music with a secure future, accompanying young people on their musical path in life, and witnessing how every generation discovers a new way to access music is a responsible as well as inspiring task that the composer enjoys.


Bongartz works as music teacher (main subject: violin) at different music schools. He develops projects both with and for teenagers. His aim is to support the younger generation's creativity and capacity for enthusiasm in addition to developing their musical capabilities.


”Rappers' delight” is a concrete result of this work: a composition for the orchestra of the music school in Dormagen with the aim of writing music that is a sensual experience for listeners, who have never heard of New Music before. Devoid of stylistic questions and, without any dictates about how to handle music and its material, the result is an idiosyncratic work that in its own way embodies the experiences and sovereignty of New Music.