"As with various composers of his generation, the colourfulness of his instrumentation and his working methods are generated by a centrifugal force. A kind of escape and imaginative unrest are hiding behind his stylistic mindlessness – maybe a sort of of game: By a subtle doubt, the music is driven through all sorts of masquerades, euphoric states, pathos, and false objectifications. But at the same time, the incurred commitment is not entirely fulfilled – the commitment to unravel the twisted strings into predictable patterns …"


A series of works for solo instruments and tapes holds a particular importance: A guided improvisation bringing the characters of the instrument, the players and the related material into effect, always serves as a starting point. The tape arises out of this fund. Only then the score is delicately elaborated and precisely defined.

orchestra music

Rapper‘s Delight (2008) for orchestra

8 min

extract_Rapper's Delight.pdf

Chaînes (1998/00) for great orchestra and tape

18 min


...durch die Reinheit der Substanz ist es, was es ist, Wege zu suchen... (1991/92) for great orchestra

18 min, fp Hamburg 1994, Edition Billaudot, Paris

extract_...durch die Reinheit....mp3

for ensemble

Himmelsrad (2016) for mezzo soprano, fl., clar., piano, vl., va., vc.

18 min, fp 25. oct. 2016 in Berlin


Himmelsrad I

Moira (2015) for fl., clar., perc., accordion and vc.

9 min, fp 26. sept. 2015 in Eberswalde near Berlin



Tristan-Vorspiel (2012) for flute, oboe, saxophone, marimba, piano, violin, violoncello and doublebass

adaption of the prelude of „Tristan und Isolde” by Richard Wagner for Ensemble

10 min, fp 15. dec. 2012 in Berlin



Vanitas (2009) for soprano, clar., vc., perc. and accordion after baroque texts of Gryphius, Hoffmannswaldau and others

18 min, fp 27. nov. 2009 in Düsseldorf

Ach Liebste lass uns eilen.pdf

Ach Liebste lass uns eilen

Vanitas (2009), version for soprano, theorbe, piano and percussion after baroque texts of Gryphius, Hoffmannswaldau and others

Zeit genug (2003) for ensemble

extract_Zeit genug.pdf


Zeit genug.frag (2003) for ensemble
18 min, fp 14. oct. 2003 in Schloss Moyland

extract_Zeit genug.frag.pdf

Rose-Ausländer-Lieder (2000-01) for soprano, flute, harp, perc., keyboard/live electronics
16 min, fp in parts oct. 2000 in Münster; complete 22. oct. 2004 in Eckernförde


05 Ich entdecke

Yasax-kel (1996/97) for ensemble
11 min, fp Festival Ensemblia M.-gladbach, june 1997


Erosion (1996) for ensemble,

5 min, fp Royaumont near Paris 1996


délicatesses fragiles (1994/95) for ensemble

9 min

extract_délicatesses fragiles.pdf

computer music and media

Komm her, altes Cello (2023) spoken words with music

text from Petr Manteuffel basing on a libretto from Daniela Barisic

music: Markus Bongartz

live version also with solo cello

54 min, fp 18 Juni 2023 in Mönchengladbach – Bence Slajher, Violoncello



Schatten-Vögel (2014) for four laptops with two loud speakers a time

music for an exhibition with works from Brigitte Zarm

duration not limited (at least 30 min), fp 9. march 2014 in Mönchengladbach


Eindeutig Hand! (2012) performance for percussion instruments and a ball

4-8 min, fp 25. aug. 2012 in Berlin



bousculade persistante (1992/93) for four channel tape and slides (also DVD)

32 min, fp Essen 1991

extract_bousculade persistante

Rhythmen (1992) Video from Fiorenze Hohl

7 min, fp New York 1993


„LOPLOP“ (1991) for four channel tape

11’45’’, fp Essen 1993


To the œuvre of Markus Bongartz also belongs patches in Max/MSP. Max/MSP ist a software to realise computer music in real time. It also allows to build „instruments“, which works like self standing programs.

GrainBOw ist is a programm for granular synthesis, but in general also an instrument to manipulate sound files.

Speck isa tool for testing and manipulating of spectra, but also a tool for manipulating of lists, frequencies ant tones.


chamber music – choir

An die Vorgeborenen (2023) Version for Vibraphone and Piano

6 min, fp 05. Sept.. 2023 in Berlin

An die Vorgeborenen_Fassung


Kobold (2018) for violoncello and organ

10 min, fp. 11. april 2018 in Berlin

Info: Kobold at Are


again and again and again (2018) for flauto traverso, vl., vc. and theorbo

8 min, fp. 09. jan. 2018 in Berlin

again and again and again_info.pdf

extract_again and again and again.mp3

Atemnot (2017) for violin and organ

9 min, fp. 21. april 2017 in Berlin

Info: Atemnot at Are


Portrait (2015) for harpsichord and percussion

12 min, released on the CD „Playtime!“ at Genuin at 5. nov. 2015



Alles hat seine Zeit (2015)

for mixed chorus a cappella

9 min, fp. 14. june 2015 in Berlin



Irrsal (2015)

for tuba und percussion

8 min, fp. 9. march 2015 in Koblenz



Drumline (2014)

for two snare drums and live electronics

17 min, fp. 30. aug. 2014 in Berlin


Drumline III

Travelling on Strings and Chords – Sounds und Echos for Violin and Voice (2013)

16 min, fp. 5. Sept. 2013 in Berlin




MIGULAH TROP a family novel (2012)

for oboe, e-guitar (jazz-guitarist), two violins and violoncello

12 min



Marmorbilder (2011) for soprano, two saxophones and percussion

12 min, fp 8. oct. 2011 in Berlin


extract_Marmorbilder III.mp3

Spieltrieb (2011) for violin and accordion

8 min



Rappers Delight – Gruß (2009)

for clar., hrn, trp., trb., vc, perc.

2 min, fp 21. may 2009 in Mönchengladbach

extract_Rapper’s Delight Gruß.pdf


Auryn (2008) for flute and violin

5 min


Trio nach Paul Klee (2007)

for recorder, double bass and accordion

9 min, fp 21. sept. 2006 in Mönchengladbach

extract_Trio nach Paul Klee.pdf

Trio nach Paul Klee – Schloss

Twisted Loops (2007)

for recorder, viola da gamba and harpsichord

10 min

extract_Twisted Loops.pdf

Der Himmel des Baal (2004-05)

for flute, violoncello and tape

23 min, fp 22. may 2005 in Kiel

extract_Der Himmel des Baal.pdf

extract_Der Himmel des Baal.mp3

„ .. ein Schweinchen aus der Herde Epikurs“ (1998) for violin, accordion and percussion

11 min, fp june 1999 in Düsseldorf

extract_„..ein Schweinchen..“.pdf

fuzzy spin (1997) for saxophone quartet
9 min, Edition Billaudot


trio décentral (1995/97 )

for soprano, alto flute and tape

17 min, fp june 1999 in Düsseldorf

started in the Alteliers UPIC in Paris; completed in may 1997 in ICEM, Essen

extract_trio decentral.mp3

solo works with or without tape

Zikkurat (2023)

for snare drum and live electronics

Sabrina Ma, nare drum – Markus Bongartz, live electronics

6 min., fp 05. sept. in Berlin


Schattenvögel (2017)

An audiovisual performance of

Brigitte Zarm, Markus Bongartz and Kai Welf Hoyme

ca. 60 min, fp 23. june 2017 in Mönchengladbach



An die Vorgeborenen (2014) for vibraphone solo

6 min, fp 31. jan. 2014 in Berlin

Info: An die Vorgeborenen at Are

An die Vorgeborenen.mp3

Exzess (2010) for harp solo

2’30’’, fp aug. 2010 in Berlin



Engel sah ich gestern Nacht im Traum (2010)

for soprano solo

1’30’’, fp apr. 2010 in Berlin

Info_Engel sah ich.pdf

Engel sah ich.mp3

Sesquialtera (2008) for organ

5’30’’, fp oct. 2008 in Köln

Info: Sesquialtera at Are


Drei Klavierstücke (2008/09)

Zoom In • Und säume dich nicht • Elegie

8 min, fp 2011 in Berlin

extract_Drei Klavierstücke.pdf

I Zoom in.mp3

Erkundung der Fülle (2006)

for violin and tape

19 min, fp 06. oct. 2006 in Stuttgart

Info: Erkundung der Fülle at Are

extract_Erkundung der Fülle.mp3

Tiergeist (2005) for trombone and tape

13 min, fp 03. june 2005 in Mönchengladbach


Chamäleon (2003) for koto

8 min, fp 18. oct. 2003 in Tokyo



Klavierstück (2002)

for piano and tape ad lib.

20 min, fp oct. 2002 in Mönchengladbach


extract Klavierstück.mp3

Der innere Monolog (2001)

for recorders and tape

11 min, fp oct. 2001 in Köln

Auszug_Der innere Monolog.pdf


cierre (1993/97) for accordion

14 min, fp may 1997 in Duisburg

cierre at avantus

Markus Bongartz at soundcloud